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Why You Need to Run Facebook & Instagram Ads for Your Business

Today, an online presence is one of the most important investments a business can make.


Competition for customers is fierce in the digital world, and driving traffic to your website can be a daunting task.


Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest social networks today, boasting over 1 billion daily active users.


What’s more, Facebook makes up 22% of the internet time Americans spend on mobile devices, with an average person spending 20 minutes per day.


Chances are, your customers and prospects are on Facebook and Instagram.


Advertising on these platforms provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach your audience. They can drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into buyers.

Reach Beyond Your Organic Followers

If you’re like most businesses, you already have a healthy following on Facebook and Instagram.


You post great content to your profiles and optimize for likes, comments and shares.


While this is a great way to reach new audiences and engage your customers, more and more content is being posted to Facebook and Instagram every day.


With more competition and declining organic reach, it’s becoming harder to get your content in front of the audience you care about.


The key is to complement your organic social media posts with paid social campaigns. Incorporating Facebook ads into your social strategy is like adding fuel to the fire.


It’s a fast and effective way to expand your reach and realize greater ROI (return on investment) from your social media campaigns.

Unleash Your Creativity


Different strokes for different folks. Your audience is diverse, meaning not everyone will respond to the same ad creative.


Facebook and Instagram offer a wide variety of creative formats. These include images, videos, carousels and stories (more about these in a future post). Test different creatives and determine which work best for each segment of your audience.


Facebook Ads Manager is the platform where you’ll be managing your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. It provides all the tools you need to run tests. What’s more you can measure how much people engage with your ads based on your creative.

Get Targeted

With such a large active user base, there’s a wealth of data at your fingertips. Allowing you to target your audience on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, Facebook generates 4 new petabyes of data every day! For reference that’s the equivalent to 14 years of 24/7 Full HD video recording.


You can define your audience based on the usual demographics like location, gender and age. Facebook even offers precise filters around people’s interests and behaviors.


Drawing from data on people’s page likes and groups, you can target based on interests like hobbies, sports, entertainment and fashion.


What’s even more valuable, is you can target based on behavioral data like:

  • interest in an upcoming event
  • mobile device usage (brand, operating system)
  • shopping classification (preference for high-value goods, low-value goods)
  • technology adoption (early adopter, late adopter)
  • commuter or frequent traveler.

The list is extensive, a little creepy, but valuable for marketers.


Plan to set aside some budget to test and refine your audience in the beginning.


Ads Manager allows you to get very granular with your targeting. You can set up several ad sets to test different variations on your target audience. Taking the time and budget to run these tests will save you big time in the long run.

Extend Your Targeting with Lookalike Audiences


If your business has a Facebook Page or Instagram Profile with more than 100 followers, you already have access to a powerful ally: Facebook Lookalike Audiences.


Lookalike Audiences identify users with similar demographics, behaviors and interests to your existing followers or customers. They “look alike”, and they’re as likely to convert.


There are a lot of ways to build a Lookalike Audience. You can leverage your Facebook followers, Instagram followers, and ad audiences to find lookalikes. So why not use your customer database?


Import your customer information to build a custom audience. Such information includes email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses. Then let Facebook find your customers’ lookalikes.


Better yet, get specific. Import segments of your customers like top spenders or repeat purchasers. Create a custom audience for each and think of this as segmenting your audience.


This means the potential for better targeted ad copy and creatives, more personal offers, and higher conversions.


Don’t stop at your customer base. Take advantage of your other potential audiences like website visitors and email subscribers. Use your followers’ behaviors like video views, page engagement, event responses and more.


The possibilities are endless. Identify your audience segments and let Facebook expand them for you.

Measure Success

We’ve explored Facebook and Instagram’s reach, targeting capabilities and creative possibilities. This means nothing if you don’t measure your campaigns.


Every marketer wants the best bang for their buck. You want to know that every dollar of your ad budget is being used to drive the most ROI possible.


The beauty of Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns is that they’re measurable. Facebook Ads Manager’s reporting table shows you Performance, Demographics and Placement data. This is available based on your chosen ad objective.


You can track the performance of your ad sets to optimize for performance and targeting. This ensures that you only spend money on ads that perform and audiences that engage.


Connect your campaign results to business objectives. Use Facebook’s pixel on your website to report on key activities (like making a purchase). That way, you know if someone took action after seeing your Facebook or Instagram ads.


Building an organic following on social media is an important component of any marketing strategy. Today, it’s no longer enough.


Leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads to augment your organic campaigns will broaden your reach. This drives conversions faster, meaning more growth for your business.


Once you’ve broadened your reach, you need to get targeted. Personalized marketing is the new standard that today’s consumer expects.


Taking advantage of powerful targeting tools like Facebook Lookalikes and testing a variety of creative formats is essential to getting the right message in front of exactly the right audience.


Most importantly, running Facebook and Instagram ads allows you to take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns.


Measure business objectives, like purchases, to your ad campaigns using Facebook’s Pixel, and monitor and refine your campaigns with precise reporting available through Facebook Ads Manager.


If that’s not enough, you can find even more specific Facebook marketing strategies for your business.


Be where your audience is, boost your organic social media strategy, expand beyond your regular ad targeting with Lookalikes, and spend your ad budget in the most efficient way possible. Why not give it a try?


Have you tried running Facebook and Instagram ads for your business? What results have you seen?

Martin Ochwat is a Growth Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur. He has built several 7-figure eCommerce businesses from the ground up and is working on a zero plastic waste company MOOP.

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