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Innovative Ecommerce Business Ideas to Get You Started in 2020

With so many opportunities to make money online in 2020, it’s easy to build your career right from your home.


There’s no denying ecommerce has become a reliable source of income for many people all over the globe.


All you need is the right resources, some marketing knowledge, and fresh ideas. The key to making a career in ecommerce is to offer something no one else has offered before.


There’s little reason to copy other stores if you want to kick-start your successful venture.


That’s why I put together a list of ecommerce business ideas that you can get started with today. If one of these ideas appeals to you, try and run with it! Before you know, you’ll be on your way to building a thriving and successful ecommerce business.


Tips for Finding Ecommerce Business Ideas


Contrary to what we often see in Hollywood movies, million-dollar ideas don’t usually come out of the blue. Finding a great idea takes time and deliberation.


If you are considering a few different options for your ecommerce venture in 2020, here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices.

1.Consider your resources

Consider what you have available.


I’m not only talking about monetary or physical resources. Examine your talents and specialties, or the creative talents of people around you.


What do you (or your potential business partners) have, that other people don’t? What can you offer that other businesses cannot?

2. Look at trends

Following trends on social media and news can be helpful to zero in on your new ecommerce business idea.


Talk to your friends, browse through Instagram or Pinterest, and get an idea of other people’s interests. Some of the best ecommerce ideas start by following trending themes.

3. Try to find your niche

I mentioned this earlier– the key to a successful ecommerce venture is offering something new.


Even if your business idea already exists, consider finding ways to make it unique. In other words, you should try to fill a niche in a larger market.


For example, if you are thinking of starting a food-based ecommerce venture, how can you make your ordering process better? What can you offer customers that will make them choose your service over others?


Top Ecommerce Business 

Ideas in 2020


Looking for a little more inspiration? Here are a few ecommerce business ideas to use as a starting point. All these ideas, with your own creative spin, could work well.

1. Phone and electronics accessories: Electronic Accessories Store

What do today’s consumers have in common?


They all own and use electronics.


Accessories for smartphones, laptops and other electronics is a $337 billion-dollar market. It is also one that is growing. Consider starting an ecommerce store that sells:


  • headphone splitters
  • phone cases
  • camera and microphone covers
  • portable chargers.


If it’s related to modern electronics, there is an opportunity to find a niche for your products.

2. Health and wellness niche: Green Tea Store

These days, many people focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Products that can help people lose weight or stay in shape are in high demand.


Nutritional supplements, for example, always sell. Especially as more and more people are committing themselves to specialized diets. (Vegan, Keto, etc.)


In this category, products that promote wellness or feature natural ingredients are popular right now.


You can start an ecommerce business selling these products as well. For instance, a store selling exotic types of Green tea or natural hemp oil could earn recognition.

3. Fashion niche: Custom Jewelry

Trends come and go in ecommerce, but one market is here to stay – fashion.


Styles may change over time, but consumers’ needs to keep up with top trends never does. A few fashion-related ecommerce ideas you could try include:


  • online clothing delivery service
  • a custom jewelry store (like startup brand Mejuri), or
  • an online custom clothing brand.


If it’s creative and related to fashion, you’re on the right track.

4.Smart Home Products Store: The Internet of Things Store

This is another new niche market that has been gaining momentum in the past few years.


The smart home niche has a wide number ofproducts. They range from smart bulbs, smart plugs, connected vacuum cleaners, multi-room audio, or smart home hubs.


Smart home products are always changing, which means there is always something new to sell.


This market is new, yet promising. If you can create an ecommerce store around this niche, you’re sure to leave your mark in next to no time.

5. Drone niche: Selfie Drones

Smartphones have completely changed the photography market and selfies have become a recent fad.


We all love selfies, which is a timeless expression of showing how much we love ourselves.


What happens if you don’t want to roam around with a selfie stick all the time?


Thanks to the Selfie drone, you can now capture on-demand aerial shots from different angles without moving around—or posing. This is a market that’s growing and estimated to register $127 billion in sales by 2020.


It’s not too late to start an ecommerce venture focusing on Selfie drones.

6. Food delivery niche: Vegan Pie Shop

The home food delivery market has seen a lot of changing trends in the past few years.


Many people don’t have time to cook meals. Yet, they are still interested in eating healthy, home-cooked food. That’s where food delivery can come in.


A business that delivers fresh, healthy ingredients, or ready-to-cook meals, could meet the needs of this market. Like we mentioned earlier, many people focus on living a healthy lifestyle.


If you can find a way to bring healthy, natural foods to people’s doorsteps, you should have no problem turning a profit.


Food delivery is, no doubt, one of the fastest-growing ecommerce business ventures. You could start an online vegan pie shop, or a weekly vegan food delivery box —both of which arrive right at your customer’s doorstep.

7. Online content: Digital Artwork

Content is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it mean?


Anything that provides value online can be considered content!


Creating online content means creating marketable articles, graphics, videos, Facebook/Instagram ads, or digital artwork that people use for their business.


If you are a talented writer or artist, you might find an ecommerce venture focused on creating content for other businesses. You can charge per content piece orprovide recurring content on a monthly subscription.

8. Travel niche: Travel Accessories Stores

Nothing quite sells like travel, and right now is the best time for it.


With the influence of social media and cheaper travel options, more people are traveling the world than ever. Apps and products that make travel more accessible are guaranteed to sell well.


Some considerations:


  • a photo-sharing travel website where people can buy custom photos
  • online fashionable luggage
  • backpacking accessories store (like Topo Designs)


These are some innovative ecommerce ideas that you can run with.

9. Kids and babies niche: Baby Strollers

Fashion, games, toys or education – parents are always looking for the best products for their kids. And these days, kids are spending more time on electronic devices.


It’s easy to get started with ecommerce ventures that appeal to them.


Products like games, toys or even dresses that attract kids need a little creativity and childlike spirit. Yet, there will always be a market for them.


You can even get started with a baby rompers website or invest in an ecommerce venture selling baby strollers.

10. Tech education: Online Learning Platforms

Finally, a great ecommerce idea is teaching others how to get involved in ecommerce.


Services that teach people how to build websites, coding and other crucial tech skills are in high demand.


If you are a tech-savvy person, tech education could be the perfect ecommerce venture for you.


Online learning platformsare an evolving field with low barriers to entry. If you find the right niche, the rewards be well worth it.


Starting your own ecommerce business is easier than you may think.


To get started, take some time to understand your skills, research the latest trends, and find a niche in a growing market.


I’ve presented 10 ecommerce business ideas that you could get started with today! You can try one of these niches or use them as inspiration to find a niche that excites you.


All it takes is that one perfect idea to get you started down the road to success.

Martin Ochwat is a Growth Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur. He has built several 7-figure eCommerce businesses from the ground up and is working on a zero plastic waste company MOOP.

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