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How to Come Up with Ideas for Your Online Business (With Examples!)

The Internet has made it easier than ever to start an online business.There are currently over 4 billion Internet users, which makes it the greatest online marketplace to ever exist. It’s also estimated the by 2040, 95 percent of purchases will be via eCommerce.


The main thing online businesses need to do is connect with buyers to stand out amongst the competition. Here’s everything you need to know about how to come up with an idea for your business – with plenty of examples:


1. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants can fill a variety of roles depending on the client.The client is willing to outsource tasks like email marketing, social media, and bookkeeping to save time from completing these tasks themselves.


2. Start a blog

Do you feel passionate about a particular topic? Why not write about it? If you create a blog, you can monetize it through advertising, affiliate links, and other avenues that allow you to make it profitable.

3. Put your social media skills to the test

Social media is a hobby for most people, but it could be a business for you. Offer your services to the companies that need their social accounts managed on a daily basis. This is a perfect and easy online business opportunity, especially for younger individuals.


4. Get crafty

If you’ve always had a knack for crafts, then there are plenty of online places where you can start to sell your goods! Etsy is one of the top places, but it’s not the only one.


5. Embrace the camera

Become a freelance photographer! Do what others only dream of doing behind the camera lens. One of the best ways to get paid for it is to sell stock photos. You can also do photo-shoots for weddings, events, and social media influencers.

6. Become a freelance writer

It’s okay if blogging isn’t your thing – it isn’t the only way to make money by writing. If you want to outsource your writing skills to others, this can be a great way to make some extra cash from the comfort of your home.


7. Design t-shirts

If designing is in your blood, then it’s something you might as well get paid for. There are a variety of online platforms (think CafePress or Redbubble), so there’s no need for you to create a site specifically for your t-shirt sales unless you want to.


8. Become a travel consultant

Raise your hand if you LOVE to travel! Becoming a travel consultant has essentially replaced being a travel agent. What’s the difference?


Travel agents used to do all the booking and coordinating. Now, people cut corners to save money and do that themselves. However, they still need recommendations about the best deals and travel options. So, if you’re someone who loves to do this anyway, you may as well set up an online business to make money with the knowledge you already have.

9. Develop software

Software development isn’t for everyone– you must know the ins and outs of creating software. BUT if it’s in your wheelhouse, you can certainly freelance from home instead of working for a company.


10. Become a life coach

We all need a little help in life, but who has time to go see a therapist? A life coach can help resolve a variety of issues and communicates with clients primarily online. Don’t write off the Internet when it comes to truly connecting with others!


11. Provide meal planning services

This role is best suited for someone with experience in nutrition and dietary consultation. As life gets busy, we often struggle to build healthy meals with the proper nutrition. Having the guidance of a nutritionist for meal planning is many people’s dream!

12. Offer a resume writing service

Have some career counseling experience? Put that experience to work with a resume writing service that helps people land a job in their dream field.


13. Become a self-published author

Yes, that’s right, write a book! Becoming a self-published author is now easier than it sounds with Amazon. You can write your very own Kindle eBook and generate revenue automatically.


14. Recruit online

Recruiters connect candidates and companies for the best business success. However, there’s really no reason this needs to be done in person. If you are passionate about helping people, but still want to work over Wi-Fi, then you can absolutely do so!

15. Bookkeep for others

Oh no, another tedious task that others are willing to outsource! Bookkeeping is the act of managing the financial affairs of a business or individual. You can work with a company or any individual who needs help handling their finances. Make money from this venture simply by helping others to avoid the inconvenience and hassle.


16. Consult with your financial knowledge

Like bookkeeping, there are some topics that people are more willing to pay for advice. Financial knowledge is often one of them because money isn’t something that anyone wants to “mess up.” If you have the financial knowledge from previous experience, turn it into your next business venture.


17. Become a remote tutor

Being an effective tutor comes down to how you structure lessons.That structure can certainly translate via the Internet. If you have the necessary skills, you can provide help others with subjects like math, English or their SATs online!

18. Provide tech support

Even as more and more jobs go to technology and AI, there’s one thing that people will always need: tech support. If you have enough technical knowledge, you can create a business helping others remotely.


19. Don’t write off eBay

You’re probably thinking, “eBay? What is this…2001?” But eBay is still an incredibly profitable online marketplace for buying and selling.


20. Start a podcast

It’s one of the millennial jokes these days that, “We should start a podcast.” Yet, if you start one and leverage advertisements and sponsorships in the right way, then you can build a business around your hobby.

21. Master SEO and help others

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of gaining more traffic to your website so that you can reach your desired audience. However, because businesses often struggle with SEO, they’ll bring in an SEO consultant to specifically focus on this. If you already have knowledge on the topic (or are willing to learn it), SEO services can be incredible profitable to sell!


22. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is where you earn a commission by promoting someone else’s products. This can be done via membership sites, videos, eBooks, or you can do it with the Amazon Affiliate Program. The best affiliate marketers already have a working knowledge of copywriting and basic SEO.


23. Be a domain reseller

This is likely a job that you never knew existed. Everyone who starts a website needs a domain, but you can’t just go out and get one—you have to buy one. If you purchase a bunch of domains, you can create a business by reselling them.


24. Proofread and edit for others

Just like the tasks associated with being a virtual assistant, proofreading and editing can be a bit tedious for people who aren’t inclined to it. If these tasks are in your wheelhouse, it’s time to maximize them. Go online and start getting paid for them! There’s plenty of editing work out there.

25. Create an online course

Do you have more to share with others? The internet can be a great avenue! Not everyone has the time or money to sit in the classroom for a course of X, Y or Z. If you have something that you want to teach on, don’t hesitate to get it out there. Create a course and advertise it on social media.


Final thoughts

If there’s anything that this article should teach you, it’s that an online business should rely on knowledge that you already have. Chances are that you have some skills you can share with the world. All you must do is get out there and put them online.


Don’t try to start something new when you can work off something that you already have. If you know bookkeeping, stick to bookkeeping! If you love teaching, writing, recruiting or developing software, then these are all great fields for starting an online business. Once you have an idea picked out, you’re ready to grow your business.

Martin Ochwat is a Growth Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur. He has built several 7-figure eCommerce businesses from the ground up and is working on a zero plastic waste company MOOP.

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