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Martin Ochwat’s path to becoming a growth marketing expert has had its fair share of ups and downs. Failed startups, winning patents, a series of aggressively scaled eCommerce stores and a new venture on the rise have all been critical to shaping Martin’s career in growing online businesses.

Let’s start from the beginning. Growing up in Canada, Martin first started dabbling in online marketing in 2005, selling digital video game characters on eBay. He learned basic coding to build high-quality landing pages and managed to generate a few $1000/month during high-school.

He carried this passion for digital marketing through his university days, interning at Facebook in 2014. Martin was immediately inspired by the platform’s potential to grow businesses, leading him to launch a few tech startups of his own. He learned how to acquire users for his apps using Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn paid ad strategies. Despite their growth, unfortunately, both startups ended in failure.

Out of money and eager to learn more, Martin moved to Silicon Valley to work for a leading gaming company. There, he learned how to run Facebook ads. Martin led a team of engineers to automate most of the ad buying using machine learning. As a result, Martin now holds a patent in predictive modeling related to ad buying.

But the entrepreneurial drive was calling. Martin eventually left his full-time job to learn more about eCommerce by launching a series of small eCommerce stores. Ready to share his learnings, Martin started advising other eCommerce entrepreneurs and heads of marketing at leading tech companies on growing their businesses.

After stepping away from his past ventures, Martin is now focused on building companies with a social cause. His next big project, Moop, is disrupting the traditional CPG space and Dundas Life is looking to disrupt the outdated insurance industry.

Martin continues to advise growing tech companies and shares his expertise by guest blogging on popular sites.